What Counseling Services Are Available at Christian Churches in Louisville, KY?

The Louisville Seminary Counseling Center provides a safe and tranquil atmosphere for children to receive the help they need. Our play therapy is a child-friendly space that offers an opportunity for kids to feel comfortable while addressing their issues. For 23 years, I have been providing individual, couple, and marriage counseling services in Louisville, KY as a certified psychotherapist. I worked in the Counseling Ministry of the Southeastern Christian Church for 17 years.

Our Children's Ministry also offers Buddy Break, a free rest program that allows children with special needs (VIP children) to make new friends and take part in various activities, while giving caregivers a break from their duties. The Middletown Christian Church is the first partner church in Kentucky for Buddy Break (Nathaniel's Hope). This program provides a free rest period for VIP children to make friends and enjoy activities, while giving caregivers some respite from their responsibilities. We offer monthly three-hour temporary care sessions for VIP children.

Tony served as an assistance pastor at the Southeastern Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, for seven years overseeing the pastoral and counseling ministries. The Louisville Seminary Counseling Center is closed whenever the Louisville Seminary campus is closed due to weather or scheduled vacations. Freedom Counseling Services provides holistic care and healing in an environment dedicated to the presence of God located in Louisville, KY.